The services I offer at Good Trading Co focus on modern social selling techniques for B2B businesses. Empower your team through strategy and training sessions for all levels.


I teach B2B Marketers and Agencies and their teams to sell more on LinkedIn, through proven LinkedIn strategies and workshops.
Learn to build your own targeted community, nurture these relationships and create thought leadership content that converts.



Michelle J Raymond is the Founder and LinkedIn B2B Strategist and Corporate Trainer at Good Trading Co.Michelle is a globally recognised LinkedIn Pages expert, co-authoring the world’s first book on the topic, the international best-seller ‘Business Gold’. This was followed up by co-authoring “The LinkedIn Branding Book” to assist people to grow their personal and business brands on LinkedIn.Michelle’s commitment to, and knowledge of, LinkedIn for Business is recognised by the LinkedIn Pages team, becoming an appointed member of the LinkedIn Small Business Advisory Council for LinkedIn Pages.Host of the ‘Good for Business Show’ podcast and co-host of ‘The LinkedIn Branding Show’ podcast. Michelle also runs a successful YouTube channel ‘Good Trading Co – LinkedIn Company Page Experts.’My mission is “Do good business with good people.”


If you have big plans for your business and want to get your team firing on all cylinders, then let's have that conversation. Don't let your competitors steal opportunities away from you.